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Examples of our strategy and business planning work

  • An evaluation, for a European electricity transmission and distribution company, of the feasibility of using its electricity distribution network for a prospective Fibre to the Home broadband business.
  • An evaluation of alternative business models for an electricity transmission and distribution company in Kenya to utilise excess fibre in its transmission network and wayleaves in its distribution network to provide telecommunications services.
  • An evaluation against a set of investment criteria of ICT services opportunities for a major trading house in an Arabian Gulf state including a detailed investigation of data centre services and telecommunications services propositions.
  • Construction of a forecasting model and enterprise valuation model for a prospective Middle East transit network.
  • Telecoms licence bid support and business case assessment. We have provided such support to investors and operators in a number of Middle Eastern countries generally leading to the desired outcome.
  • Development of a successful bid for a Fixed Wireless Access licence using WiMax technology including business modelling and preparation of the bid documents for a prospective operator in a Middle East country.
  • Product strategy and pricing model for a WiMAX based fixed operator consistent with market positioning and regulatory requirements.
  • An evaluation of business models for a UK local authority to provide fibre based broadband services within its locality

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