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Telecommunications Operators and Service Providers

  • Business strategy, planning and market analysis
  • Product planning and service implementation
  • Business case development
  • Network planning, provisioning and implementation project management
  • Bid preparation and submission
  • Quality of Service and performance evaluation
  • Regulatory support
  • Business process design and organisation development

Telecommunications Industry Regulators

  • Regulatory policy and strategy development
  • Economic analysis
  • Licensing strategies and regimes
  • Competition policy and regimes
  • Interconnect
  • Policy and regimes for interconnect and USO
  • Scarce resource management support
  • Business process design and organisation development

Government ICT Ministries

  • Policy and strategy for the telecommunications, IT and media sectors
  • Policy elements such as broadband stimulation, stimulation of the digital economy and universal service provision
  • Implementation of telecommunications industry regulator and performance of regulatory function

Investment Houses

  • Business case evaluation and financial modelling
  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Funding strategies

Intercai Mondiale, Management Consultants

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