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We help governments and regulators to develop sector policy and regulation for the telecommunications, information technology and media sectors

Our breadth of experience allows us to contribute to landmark projects involving market liberalisation, privatisation, and regulation of markets in the Arab Region, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia as well as in Western Europe. This experience has, importantly, involved our consultants in operational roles in telecommunications regulators giving them valuable practical experience of the relationship that a regulator has with its market.

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, for example, we defined the strategy for liberalisation and then carried out the practical steps necessary to implement it.

  • We developed a liberalisation policy and national plan based on an economic analysis that considered a series of liberalisation options.
  • We established the legal framework for liberalisation and set up the regulator, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (the TRA).
  • We provided the TRA’s management team during the start up period.
  • We developed a regulatory roadmap, wrote a core set of regulations and a licensing framework, managed the auction for a second mobile operator, and made a number of determinations in areas as diverse as the national number plan, cost of capital, price controls and spectrum allocation.

We also support Government and Local Government initiatives to improve the supply of telecommunications services, including Broadband, within disadvantaged regions.

ICT sector policy, strategic planning, impact assessment, resource mobilisation, regulatory planning and sector regulation

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