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  • Processes and tools for evaluating prospective products and for forecasting sales and profitability, for obtaining approval and for implementing them in the product management of a global telecommunications service provider.
  • Processes and tools for managing sales from initial customer contact to hand over to engineering in a wholesale service division of a European operator.
  • A comprehensive set of processes for a Middle Eastern telecommunications regulator covering regulatory work, marketing communications, and internal financial and operational planning and reporting.
  • Process improvement planning for a global telecommunications service provider, which entailed the assessment of key process steps against a standard framework, and the identification and implementation of measures to achieve more efficient or more effective results.
  • Due diligence of a leading Middle Eastern telco to assess its ability to meet an aggressive expansion plan while maintaining technical readiness in its home country and its foreign interests. Discrepancies between current capability and plan aspirations were highlighted and action plans devised to close the gaps identified.

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